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Lowcarb bread

Bread! Everybody likes bread! There is nothing like a fresh baked sourdough bread with crispy crust! But however, I rarely eat it, because I am …

The Missing Key to the Fountain of Youth. Podcast

Video The Fountain of Youth  The Missing Key to the Fountain of Youth.    Conversation with a good friend and author Andrew Kaplan about the …

The Four Hormone Dominant Types

I am blessed with having met so many women in my consultation during the years. They have told me about their health and how they …

Sexy morning smoothie. Try the energy. thor-bjorg.com

Thorbjörg’s Sexy Morning Smoothie

Thorbjörg presents a recipe for a delicious smoothie. It’s a wonderful way to start the day!

Free from the sugardevil. thor-bjorg.com

The Healing in my Kitchen!

Thorbjörg tells an intriguing story about her journey from being addicted to sweet things to starting the health revolution in the Nordics. Thorbjörg never really knew how creative she was until she turned on her passion for healthy and tasty food in her own kitchen.

mexican pot stew. thor-bjorg.com

Mexican Pot Stew

One of Thorbjörg’s classics. This recipe is suitable for everyone – vegetarians, vegans and for those on a carnivore diet, just add meat.

coffee is a healthy booster. Check out the coffee rules. thor-bjorg.com

Is coffee the new black in anti-ageing?

There are so many studies about the wonders of green tea and good quality organic coffee have similar effects on anti-ageing. Thorbjörg’s shares her experience of how a pre-exercise coffee helps her burn 15% more calories during first three hours post exercise.

Do you drink enough water? thor-bjorg.com

Am I Drinking Enough Water?

Water is involved in every bodily function and not drinking enough water directly effects ageing. Thorbjörg presents 7 good reasons to boost your water intake and learn to love its youthful properties.

10 tips for taking care of your skin. thor-bjorg.com

10 Tips for Natural Glowing Skin

Love your skin by feeding it healthy foods and making healthy choices, and your skin will show its love for you in return. Thorbjörg presents 10 Tips for Natural Glowing Skin.

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