The Four Hormone Dominant Types

I am blessed with having met so many women in my consultation during the years. They have told me about their health and how they feel. Based on partly their stories, my professional observation and functional test, I have categorised them in endocrine body types. It is helpful, for some women, to narrow the “self work plan” and regain vitality by  targeting the challenge of hormone imbalances and the possible reasons causing it. 

All of us include all the four hormone types because all of us have similar endocrine systems. But the way and how the system function, varies and has to do with the uniqueness of who we are in our specific environment and culture. You are unique because no one else has lived or is living your life! 

I consider myself being To Go type. But I have a great deal in common with the Yo yo type and the GAS type. When I support my dominant To Go type the other two are more calm. 

You can read more about the different types in my book 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks and or book a Private Session.

To Go 

The Adrenal/Cortisol dominant type. HPA ( Hypothalamus/ Pituitary Axis )

Weakness: Not coping stress, hyper, adrenal exhaustion, immune reactions, allergies and intolerances, digestive reactions.

Strength: Good coping and using stress, get things done, happy and problem solving, balanced energy, strong body and physical active. 


  • I often wake up very early and can´t sleep again.
  • I love working under pressure.
  • I have a sensitive skin often dry skin, it tends to itch and brush out in eczema.
  • I have sensitive digestion.
  • I get a lot done once I get focused.
  • I love coffee and chocolate.
  • I can function without food all day. 

To Stay Type

The Thyroid/adrenal dominant type. HPTA (Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Thyroid Axis).

Weakness: Slow energy, “drama”, low self esteem, overstressed, hard on yourself. 

Strength: Ambitious, strong body, true to own self, very caring of others, a good listener, motherhood and grounded. 


  • I’m obstipated most of the time.
  • I get brilliant ideas.
  • Most people think I’m pretty smart.
  • I don´t love  hard physical exercise.
  • I gain weight without having to eat at all!
  • Im moodie and tend to go down in the blues where there is darkness.
  • I have cold hand and feets.
  • I love to chill and eat good food. 

Yo Yo Type

Estrogen/Insulin dominant type.

Weakness: Hard to make decisions, mainly when it comes to own health and growth. Hard to stick to something working well. Yo yo dieting, its “either or” mentality; good or bad, black or white, possible or impossible, right or wrong.

Strength; When balanced in food and exercise and mind, you take the best from To Go and To Stay and find your balance there. 


  • I am a professional dieter. Name a diet or a diet trend, I have been there, done that.
  • I gain weight on my lower stomach.
  • I’m often bloated and have edema.
  • I have mood swings, op and downs depending on the time of the day and and the time of the month.
  • I have difficulty in receiving (getting pregnant).
  • I have lost my libido.
  • I sometimes get out brush in pimples especially in the chin. 
  • I have cyclic insomnia, night sweats and fatigue. 

GAS Type

The Gastrin/Liver dominant  type. 

Weakness: Shows in: digestive problems, Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS ), bloated, weak liver and detoxification, yellowish skin color, infektions.

Strength; Sensitive, working mentally on a deep level, facing shadows. Very good problem solver, good but sensitive energy. 


  • I wake up several times at night with a feeling of an empty stomach.
  • I’m often tired after eating protein and fat.
  • I’m often bloated sometimes as If im 7-8 months pregnant.
  • I don’t know what to eat or what I like. 
  • I often have to say no to things because of my stomach aches or I’m uncomfortable.
  • My skin is without glow, to wrinkled and gray and my hair and nails tend to brittle 
  • I do like to exercise but am often too tired to do so.
  • I’m often sad and depressed without knowing why.  
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