The book which can save your life!
Vitalize your body and mind and eat your body 10 years younger.
The book reached cult status in Scandinavia thanks to a refreshingly natural approach to on how to look and to feel younger.

You don’t have to ditch the bikini when you turn 40 – this can be the beginning of your most sexy years! And it’s never too late to start: Thorbjörg’s vitality and charisma have made her a wellness guru for women of all ages.

The book features a 10-week full anti-age program from inside out with delicious recipes, invigorating exercises, tests to see how you are progressing and nutritional supplement recommendations. It also provides natural alternatives to injectables and skin care, and describes cleansing and relaxation as the sources of eternal youth, and case studies from women who talk about how the 10-week program transformed their lives.

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I offer professional assessments based on over 30 years of experience, identifying underlying challenges, making detox programs, diagnosing need assessments for dietary supplements as well as functional tests (incl. DNA and gene testing)

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