Free from the sugardevil.

The Healing in my Kitchen!

Thorbjörg tells an intriguing story about her journey from being addicted to sweet things to starting the health revolution in the Nordics. Thorbjörg never really knew how creative she was until she turned on her passion for healthy and tasty food in her own kitchen.

People often ask me where and how I started my own personal health revolution. There is no doubt in my mind that it was on the streets and in my kitchen. You see, before the health revolution, my body was not made of flesh, blood and bones, as you might think. Though I´m not an alien or from out of space, nevertheless, my body was, at that time, made of very strong illusionary thoughts – predominately about myself and of silver grey colored magnetic fluid that attracts sugar! Not all kind of sugars, mainly the kind the food production industry loves to add to almost everything that can be eaten with or without a knife and fork. You know what I´m talking about, sweets, chocolate, sodas and pastries. Did you know that all types of breads, crackers, powders, ketchups, healthy bars, pastas and ice creams are made of starch and sugar? And all of these foods are attracted to this magnetic fluid in the body as well. No? I didn´t either. 

One of the best things about living in Copenhagen is that you don’t need a car, walking or cycling is sufficient when traveling around in the city. When you go to work you soon get to know every shop on the way. Back in the days when I was working in a clinic, I knew exactly which one of the ten bakeries that I passed on my way to work had the best Danish pasties. I also knew all the kiosks. My routine was to vary my visits between each of them, so they wouldn’t be embarrassed if I came every day for and ice cream or chocolate. That is a one crazy illusion but as I said before about the alien thing. 

When I quit sugar, to avoid the temptation, I had to find another way to work without passing a single bakery or kiosk. It took some time and a lot of walking to find the “sugar-free route to work”. Eventually I did, it was longer, and it took ages to get to work. Fortunately, it turned out to be a good strategy to change my perspective and routines by walking away from my weaknesses, aka “magnetic fluid”. One step after the other brought be closer to my senses and clarity.

The other part of the revolution took place in the kitchen. Maybe you don’t know, but in Scandinavia we value “kitchen conversations”, and kitchens where you can sit down and talk together and in high demand. And that´s exactly what I did, talked to my family and friends about feelings, food and recipes. The most dramatic part was removing all the “bad” stuff out of my kitchen, everything white – sugar, rice, pasta, bread – out! I checked all labels and was obsessed with removing everything that had added starch, sugar or sirup in the ingredients. Buying and filling my kitchen with sugar-free and healthy food was awesome and thrilling. I cooked and cooked, I never realized how creative I was until I went crazy in my kitchen. This creative strength turned on my passion for good healthy and tasty food.

I continued to walk the streets, thinking and creating some great ideas, then I went home and made them happen. This was my healing in my kitchen. Hopefully you have one. A kitchen I mean. If not, make sure you get one. Otherwise come visit mine.

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